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The Austrian biotech company BIRD-C GmbH develops and commercializes its innovative proprietary Bacterial Ghost (BG) vaccination and drug delivery technology. BGs are empty, non-living shells of gram-negative bacteria, devoid of cytoplasm and DNA.


BGs are non-infective and at the same time exhibit all external properties of living bacteria to get recognized by the immune system. These features in addition to the capacity of BGs to carry foreign antigens or active substances make BGs ideal vaccines as well as drug carriers. Such flexible and safe delivery systems are needed to develop vaccines meeting new standards in vaccinology.


With regard to safety, applicability and efficient production BG-based vaccine and drug delivery technology offers technological and manufacturing advantages for vaccines needed on a global scale. 

Bacterial ghosts


Bacterial ghost.

Bacterial ghosts (green) inside 
human conjuctival cells (red).

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