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OCUVAC - "Open Eyes for Global Sight"



The Centre for Ocular Inflammation and Infection -OCUVAC- is a multidisciplinary, thematically integrated, cooperative research initiative on the interface of fundamental research, practice and industrial partnership. The Medical University of Vienna and the biotech companies Croma Pharma, Panoptes and  Bird-C joined with a primary focus on ocular therapeutics development - OCUVAC aiming to gain new insights in ocular infections, inflammation, specific immune response and vaccine design specific for the ocular system.


The aim of OCUVAC is to contribute to the global community by developing strategies for preventing sight-threatening diseases. It also has a strong education component with a focus on producing scientists/graduates with skills relevant to industrial needs. Inter- and transdisciplinary cooperative research is focused on identifying, undertaking and supporting excellence in ocular therapeutics development and related technologies. OCUVAC addresses issues related to women’s equality both through research and services as well as within the organization. The primary main initiative will be the development of a trachoma vaccine against Chlamydia trachomatis.


Ocular Vaccinations Stategies

Career Enrichment & Diversity

Respect and Results

Focusing on Research in the Following Areas:


Neglected Tropical Diseases


Rare Ocular Diseases

Ocular Surface

Ocular Delivery Systems

Mucosal Immunology

Ocular Vaccine Development

New Ocular Therapeutics




Fields of Expertise:


Ocular Immunology

Ocular Infectiology



Molecular Biology

Medical Device




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